CINTAA and FIA address the issue of Tackling Double Standards for Performers.

Panelists: Amit Behl; Gabrielle Carteris; Carlynn De Waal-Smit; Birna Hafstein; Johannes Studinger addressed the issues of international co-productions and the widely varying standards and conditions often applied to performers from different countries in such productions. The panel composed of speakers from different countries revealed the disparity of situations in the world regarding working conditions and revenues. Sr Joint Secretary CINTAA and Chairman of Outreach committee to FIA, Amit Behl, talked about the situation in India, especially in Mumbai, where an increasing number of movies and TV shows are being produced. He explained that, like in South Africa, local and foreigner performers are being treated very differently. The panellists mentioned The Hobbit case and the international mobilisation that followed. This case and many others illustrate the fact that fighting double standards in international productions in not easy. It is vital that performers unions communicate with each other. They should collect data and identify the companies that practice double standards. The entertainment industry is a global industry with global issues; the response should then be global.