Strike Called Off

Sep 2, 2016 | Newsletters


At the outset let us categorically state that the new EC of CINTAA has had very amicable meetings with IFTPC so far, and we are currently midway in our discussions on the amendments and additions to the existing MOU between our respective associations. That said, unfortunately the ground-realities are anything but amicable. The sad truth is that though most of the IFTPC core committee members are not flouting the terms of the MOU, most of their members are regular defaulters. Following are some of the major issues being faced by our members on daily basis, and this is happening even after our first meeting with IFTPC on 1st June where they agreed that such practices must be stopped immediately. It only goes on to show that the allegation put by IFTPC on FWICE that their members are not in their control, is also true about their hold over their members.

  • Regular and rampant delays in payments to our members. It is inexcusable that Artistes, even after extending a credit line of 90 days to the producer, is made to run around for their rightful dues. And if our members tries to approach our association for the same, either they are threatened with loss of further work or straightaway black-listed by the production house and their agents.Even for a petty amount of Rs 300 conveyance money, the members have to call their association from the sets.
  • Agreement copies are not being given to our members, and from what we have observed, at times it is to keep our members in the dark about their rights and eventually deny them of all their rights in case they are replaced at the last moment. Some producers have started putting a clause in their agreements which binds the artistes ‘in perpetuity’. In a lot of cases, the agreements of artistes are not renewed and yet they are stopped from leaving the show citing this clause.
  • Block dates of artistes, especially newcomers, are not utilized and they are neither compensated for loss of work nor allowed to sign new projects.
  • The production houses never reply to the communications sent by us or our members, if the matter is not urgent for them. It can not be a one way street. Things have come to such a state that unless we threaten to approach FWICE to issue non-cooperation, certain production houses have conveniently ignored all communications.
  • Once a show goes off-air, and the producer has suffered losses our members are expected to let-go of a big part of their hard earned money to support the producer, which has been done by most of members as a good-will gesture. But now the producers have started demanding it as their right, and to justify it they have started issuing debit-notes. Running a shoot smoothly and productively is the responsibility of the people put in-charge of the shoot by the producers, and if they choose to bear the tantrums of ‘Stars’ created by their own vested interests instead of involving us to bring our member in line shouldn’t the consequences also be their sole responsibility? And if a producer is forced to put-up with an unruly member out of pressure that the broadcaster might pull the show off-air, shouldn’t they be issuing a debit-note to the broadcaster instead of involving us to recover their losses after the deed is done?
  • The shootings are being regularly stretched beyond the stipulated maximum limit of 12 hours, and the amenities like make-up rooms, rest rooms and food served are unhygienic but we are not even allowed to send our vigilance teams to put a check on such practices. The artistes are paying for these conditions at the cost of their health and well-being, and there is no compensation for the loss of work in such circumstances. Off late even in cases of an accident on sets, some producers have completely washed their hands off any liability whatsoever.
  • What we fail to understand is that why are the producers employees so averse to following simple basic rules? Why is it that every time an artiste points out a shortcoming or lack of amenities the set response is ‘please adjust for today, for my sake adjust for one day only’? How do we ever expect to become a professional industry with such a pedestrian approach?